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There are 4 cameras, a fan, and a treat dispenser. The Fan is a small desk fan, pointed at the hammock on Hammock Cam. You can use the gentle breeze to get their attention! The Lounge Cam is pointed at a hammock where the ferrets like to lounge. The Pile Cam is aimed at a bunch of shirts and pants at the bottom of the cage where the ferrets like to pile up together (sometimes the ferrets can be hidden deep in the fabric). The Treat Cam shows a treat dispenser and water bowl. Click the button to Dispense Treat, wait to see the dispenser turn, and some ferrets may come up to the top of the cage to eat your treats! (The treats are actually just a different brand of healthy ferret food, not bad for them at all.) *Now watch them at night without disturbing them, with our new night vision cameras!

*NOTE* Sometimes we take ferrets outside, to a park, the vet, or other misc. destinations. Check below for a second video player. If it says live on it, we’re LIVE! Otherwise you’ll see a video of where we went last.
Follow us on twitter @FerretCam for updates.

OUR SERVER IS TOAST! The video encoding server shown on the photos page has died. There will be no video until we can afford ~$400 for a new one. If you want to donate to that:

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Main ferretcam


  1. Controls are on the right above the chat
  2. A click takes 4-10 sec. to register.
  3. Pick the camera and click view to switch between them.
  4. Fan
    If you see ferrets on the Hammock Cam, turn the Fan on/off to interact with them.
  5. Treat Dispenser
    You can press the button to dispense a small amount of treats(really food) to them. Be sure to switch to the treat cam first!
  6. You can chat in the chat room to the right. Please say hello.

Mobile Ferretcam(only sometimes, follow us on twitter for updates)

49 Responses to *Live Ferret Webcam*

  1. SiB

    I love this whole set up! Great job!

  2. ashley

    This is a real neat thing I could watch for hours!
    I just wish it wasnt so fuzzy.

  3. admin

    Now its fixed!!

  4. Fleck

    yo dawg love the fan!!

  5. Susan Jones

    Picture Quality is way better! Thanks!

  6. Susan Jones

    Attention viewers! Pitch in a few bucks to help purchase more cameras. This is what I call entertainment.

  7. claire

    how sweet! i have 10 of my own, yours are lovely.

  8. claire

    ah somebody’s running in their sleep!

  9. Krys

    I love this, it’s brilliant. Me and my fuzzie can sit here in the chair and he will put his nose to the screen and occasionally even make a little noise or two to see if they will respond!! You’re little ones are adorable, great idea.

  10. sgtknightmare

    omg, i love this.
    Great idea guys πŸ˜€ thanks

  11. Lauren

    I love this cam, it makes me miss my 2 ferrets I use to have =[ Thanks for having this cam!

  12. CordisMunditia

    What an awesome crib! I have two guinea pigs and they don’t live in anything like that skyscraper.

  13. Traxer

    This is an utterly brilliant set up. One of the better pet cams that I’ve seen on the web. Really ingenious.

  14. Delta

    Aaaaw, they’re so cute.

  15. Jackie

    How cool! I want to do that with my kids!!

  16. Mustela

    Aw this is brilliant!!! I especially love the dark poley one. Beautiful ferrets!

  17. alexandra

    This is really awesome!! i love them they are soo cute,

  18. alexandra

    The white one likes the food!! hahah soo cute

  19. The Hidey Hole

    Love the set up and adorable ferrets..stop in and see my three ferret kids sometime πŸ™‚

  20. steve

    jeez where do u live cause when its day in ur place it night in my place

  21. Derek

    Whats with the cam? It’s not working?

  22. AlexH279

    lol sex

  23. Caleb

    This is really neat!
    I have to show this to my friends!

  24. Qd

    Great idea.

    Am trying to get my X10 setup to work as such as yours. However, the link ( to download your scripts is not working. Please let me know as to where I can get a copy to begin tinkering as well. Much appreciated and keep up with phenomenal idea.


  25. sarah

    where the on button?

  26. Sonja Wilsher

    What a fantastic job! I love the fuzzbutts – what are their names and descriptions? I see one has lost the fur on his or her tail, do they have adrenal issues? Gives lots of hugs and pets for me, ferrets are my favourites!

  27. Sonja Wilsher


    I hope everything is ok, I miss the cams and the fuzzies.


  28. columbonet

    JTV changed the embed code. None of your cams work here.

  29. chocobo

    wow, I’m feeding your ferret all the way from Japan!! Technology is crazy!!!

  30. Tom

    This is such a great invention you’ve got going, i’ve played with your ferrets on the hammock and given them some treats from London! πŸ˜€

  31. NJcoda and Family a

    My family loves your setup that is quite neat. My son loves your ferret, now he wants one πŸ™‚ but seriously awesome set up coolness factor off the charts!!!

    Thank you The Peragine Family

  32. rabbitexterminater

    absolutley the mutt’s nut’s. great stuff

  33. Dave

    I had to show this to people I work with and they all want to feed your ferrets now.

  34. Joe

    hey do you guys think that you could take a picture of the whole cage and put it on here so i have a sense of what part of the cage i am looking at and how big it is.

  35. admin


    theres a pic on the “the cage” page. first one on the top to the left. click it to see it full sized. The cams are different now and the bedding changes regularly, but the levels, boxes, and tubes are still the same. I did add a second little treat cup to catch the food.

  36. Martha

    ooooeehhh !! How adorable! Im glad I tuned in for the ferret cam just in time! Its great!
    Never stop! I love watching this.

  37. The Hidey Hole

    We love the water fountain hope it works out this time

  38. Geoskot

    Tried to contact you on Do you still have the nocturnal geocoin? it was expensive and needs to be dropped in a cache. please respond. Thanks

  39. alexis

    i like the old set up better!

  40. shannon

    I’m sorry I missed this while it was working.
    I used to have ferrets and a cage just like that…I really wish I’d thought to make the cool litterbox thing OUTSIDE the cage like yours is.
    I had such a hard time getting a regular litterpan in & out of the doors.

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  42. Ferret Nation

    Hmm been watching it for way too long lol. It was great! Why it isn’t working any more? πŸ™

  43. Mia Harris

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  45. Cutie P.

    I never thought I would see ferrets using cam to cam chat rooms. LOL.

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    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. kudos

  48. admin

    I downloaded the theme and edited it to fit

  49. Kullen

    i have a question someone pls respond of comment on this i have wanted a ferret for about a tear now but my parets keep saying that they have a odor or stink even if you do wash them so do they?(im 14) thats why i said my parents

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